We will work to achieve a resolution to your tax collection matter. No case is too complicated. Let us take the stress out of the collection process for you.  We will work with the IRS  to resolve your collection issues.

For Example:

  • Bank or Wage Levy – A levy is one of the most often used tools by the IRS. Revenue Officers can place a levy on your bank account, wages and/or accounts receivables.

  • Real or Personal Property Seizures – The IRS has the ability to seize your personal and real property when you fail to honor your tax responsibilities.

  • Substitute Return Abatement– When you fail to file your annual personal or payroll tax returns the IRS will prepare these returns on your behalf. The substitute tax return is prepared by the IRS using the income information received about you from your employer, bank and other sources. Since the information received by the IRS does not always include all the relevant data, a substitute return will likely be inaccurate and may not reflect all the items of income, deductions and credits that should be on the return. Often resulting in a significant tax liability.

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty – this is a penalty that is assessed against the corporate officers, stockholders and some employees that are considered responsible for paying over the “trust fund” portion of a business’s payroll tax. The TFRP pierces the corporate veil by holding these parties personally liable for the failure to pay the tax.

This is a brief summary of our collection representation process.

  • CONTACT US by calling our toll free number 310.294.9097 or by completing the contact form.

  • CASE ANALYSIS – during your initial consultation we will collect all relevant information to get a clear picture of  your tax problems, including any compliance issues. We will then analyze your case and determine the best course of action to resolve your tax issue.

  • PROCESS – we will work directly with the IRS to resolve your tax liability. We will also work with you to secure any additional financial information that may be needed as well as file or amend any incorrect or delinquent tax returns.

  • CASE RESOLUTION– we will present you with the most effective means of resolving your tax liability – installment agreement, offer in compromise, currently not collectible, or penalty abatement.  We also provide you with options to avoid being in this position again.

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