Tax Return

SJC Financial Solutions will prepare your income taxes quickly, completely and most importantly, correctly! We will handle all of the details so you don’t have to.


Annual Tax Return Preparation

  • We will provide effective tax organizers to help you identify and track potential deductions.

  • We will provide our existing clients with a Tax Organizer each year to help plan and organize their tax information.

  • During your initial interview we will create a tax profile for each client to secure accurate information and complete tax returns.


Amended Return Preparation

If you find errors or inadvertently omitted information on your original return, we will help you file your amended personal or business tax returns.  When you file an amended return, you might:

  • Receive an additional refund or;

  • Owe additional taxes as a result of the correction


Delinquent Return Preparation

  • If you are behind on your return filing there’s no need to worry.  SJC will work with you to prepare your delinquent returns and get them filed before the IRS does it for you.


All fees are based on your specific situation and needs and will be determined after your initial free consultation.



For any inquiries please email